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Darrell J. Loup, LLC

    The Law Office of Darrell  J. Loup, LLC is committed to providing its clients with courteous, competent and zealous legal representation at a fair price.  Personal injury clients never pay any fees, costs or expenses unless we are successful recovering compensation for their injury/loss.  Hourly contract clients and personal injury clients always receive a full explanation of our fees, costs and expenses up front, before a contract is signed.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to our client’s legal needs and we always work hard to keep our clients informed of the status of their case.  We return phone calls and inquiries promptly and make ourselves available for client conferences when requested or necessary.  



    Attorney Darrell J. Loup opened the Law Office of Darrell J. Loup, LLC on June 2, 2014.  For more than 22 years prior to opening the office, Mr. Loup represented individuals, corporations, insurance companies and their individual and corporate insureds in litigation encompassing a myriad of factual and legal issues in Louisiana state and federal courts.   He is very experienced in civil trial and appellate litigation involving personal injuries and complex insurance issues regarding automobile, homeowners and commercial policies.  The Law Office of Darrell J. Loup, LLC is eager to put Mr. Loup’s legal experience, knowledge and skill to work for you.    


      The Law Office of Darrell J. Loup, LLC focuses its practice on civil litigation.   We are available to discuss with you, at no charge, the many ways we can help you if you or your business is involved in a situation that requires or may require civil litigation.  Our practice focuses primarily on litigation involving serious personal injuries, wrongful death, insurance issues, and contract and business disputes.  We invite you to contact us to arrange a confidential, complimentary consultation.